Mac OSX apps I use for photography and videography

Im always looking for useful / practical / time saving apps that can help directly with media production or can simply enhance the general OSX experience.  Here are some of the apps I’ve found useful over the years and why.

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 8.00.04 AM.png


I finally snapped one day while importing photos in Lightroom, because it was taking FOREVER.  You may think its overkill, but if you’re culling a lot of photos and trying to find the keepers ,this app pays for itself many times over.  I currently import my photos into a RAW folder, then use PhotoMechanic to do my selects, and I move them to a SELECTS folder which I think import into Lightroom.

File Loupe

This was a real surprise, as I didn’t know I needed a media viewer.  File Loupe loads lots of photos and videos super quickly, so I end up using it quite a bit when I’m moving files around, or even importing from SD cards. I was once looking for some photos in my massive archive, and I dropped 70,000 photos and was able to scroll through them quickly and get to the ones I needed.

Chrome Remote Desktop

I use a Mac mini as a media server, so I often need to get access from my laptop.  I know that the Mac osx has a screen sharing / file sharing function but Chrome was so easy to setup and worked without much effort remotely.


If you have tons of media files, and you’re always running out of disk space, this app helps you find the biggest culprits.  Its a great visual way to see whats taking up space on your hard drive.


This is another great media utility, and I’ve used it for de-duping massive amounts of photos.  I had old archives that I never really organized, and some how they ended up with lots of duplicates.  This app gives you extremely precise control over how to prioritize which duplicate to keep, and does a thorough job of checking for real duplicates, not just meta-data duplicates.


I wasn’t a fan of Adobe’s subscription services, and Final Cut Pro was also a lot faster for me to learn than Premiere.  I paid for it once, and its been great.  Seems to be well optimized for us on a Mac, and I’ve never had any speed or crashing issues.


After Apple’s Aperture shut down, there weren’t too many great choices.  Lightroom is slow and cumbersome, so I use other apps like Photo Mechanic, but I still do all my editing in Lightroom.  I bought the last non-subscription version, and paid for it once rather than paying monthly.  I probably won’t switch until they make the application significantly faster, can’t imagine paying monthly for such a painful experience.

CarbonCopy Cloner

My current back-up system involves using portable hard drives to keep backups of my laptop, and then I eventually archive everything to a big hard drive enclosure on my Mac mini.  I’ve had some issues in the past with RAID setups, so I just use the enclosures in JBOD and use CarbonCopy Cloner to backup one drive to a mirror in the same enclosure.  You can set it up to do things on a schedule, and its pretty fast because it does incremental updates rather than re-copying everything each time.


To back-up my backup system, I have backblaze back-up 4TB of data.  It was relatively quick to get it all backed up (1 week).  I previously used Crashplan, but switched when they shut down the consumer side of things.  I don’t do my media work professionally, so this seemed to be the best consumer option.

Google Photos

This is my last tier of backup.  ITs free, and makes photos supremely searchable and findable.  If I ever lost everything else, at least I know I have low res versions of photos on google photos for safe keeping.

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