Apple magic mouse and keyboard with multiple computers

I finally upgraded to the latest Magic keyboard and trackpad / mouse combo. Much to my disappointment, neither of these devices are equipped to quickly switch between computers.

My current setup involves an 2010 Mac mini as a server for old archival footage, and a MacBook Pro for all my video editing needs. My wife also has an old 2011 MacBook Air which she sometimes wants to use with a keyboard.


Now comes the challenge, switching the Mac keyboard and mouse / trackpad combo from one computer to the next. Maybe I’m a complete idiot, but in all my attempts it requires disconnecting from the first computer, then re-pairing with the next computer. This whole process usually takes me 5-10 minutes and its not consistent as sometimes the keyboard / mouse combo keeps trying to reconnect to the previous computer.

Solution 1: Synergy is a piece of software that allows you to share a keyboard and mouse across multiple computers on the same network.  I’m in the middle of testing it, and its been working fairly quickly, or at least faster than disconnecting and reconnecting the magic mouse / keyboard via the bluetooth panel in osx.

Solution 2: A Lightning Cable is honestly the simplest solution.  The magic mouse and keyboard will automatically connect to any computer that they are attached to via the lightning cable, and its almost instant.  It’s just annoying to have to have cables around for a wireless mouse and keyboard 🙂

Solution 3: Logitech has a bunch of keyboards and mice that can very quickly switch from one computer to the next.  We got the K811 and it works great.  The down side is that it’s not as nice as the magic keyboard, and it doesn’t fit the beautiful Hekseskudd walnut tray that we use for the the living room ( a mac mini hooked to a tv).

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