iOS Workout App Review: Sworkit

** This is part of a series of posts on iOS apps, with the first one being about Nike Training Club, and the next one being here.


Summary: What I liked: Has sport specific workouts, and similar categories to Nike Training Club; Strength, Cardio, Yoga, Stretching.  The UI is also easy to navigate

What I didn’t Like: The videos are a little plain, they give you very few free samples

Who’s it good for: Someone who has specific workout need that the Nike app doesn’t meet.  Otherwise they seem pretty similar both in types of workouts in functionality, with Nike slightly winning on UI and production quality.


  • Types and Variety of workouts (4/5)
    • Grouped into Strength, Cardio, Yoga, Stretching
    • Seems like it has a lower volume of workouts than Nike Training Club, but they may all be hidden behind a pay wall.
    • I liked the fact that it has a master list of all the individual exercises.
  • Navigating Workouts (3/5)
    • Not very many options, maybe it only comes with the premium plan?
    • Loosely grouped by categories such as “beginner” , “advanced” or “sports conditioning”
  • Completing workouts (4/5)
    • Had an interesting feature that let you choose how long each workout could be.
    • Video quality was good, but a little plain because it’s all shot on a white background. It also works in landscape and regular mode on the phone.
  • Workout plans
    • Has a “My Plan” section that lets you pick a fitness goal such as “leaner”, “fitter” , or “stronger”, and then it builds a 6 week play with 15+ different workouts.
    • Only with the premium plan
  • Tracking / Motivation (3/5)
  • Price
    • Monthly – $9.99 / month
    • Yearly – $79.99 / year


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